How To Make A Statement With Your Centerpieces

We all want that “wow” factor when it comes to our wedding décor. Here at Cescaphe, we aim to please all of our guests, especially our brides and grooms. When it comes to centerpieces, we’ve learned a few tricks of the trade to really make them impactful on your special day. Here are three tips to keep in mind before choosing centerpieces for your reception:

1. Make your table numbers and place settings match your centerpiece.  There’s nothing more beautiful than a well-branded table!  Add accent colors from your floral centerpiece onto your menus or napkins and your guests will love your attention to detail.

2. Place your table number as close to the centerpiece as possible.  Why?  It’ll catch the attention of your guests right away as they look for their table.

3. Make sure to keep your centerpieces sized to scale.  Ever sit at a dinner table and have trouble talking to the person across from you because of some oversized flowers in the way?  Adding height to your centerpieces is a great way to display them without being overbearing for your guests.  If you choose to keep them lower to the table, try and opt for a centerpiece that is still beneath someone’s shoulder when sitting down.  A good balance with the heights of your centerpieces will make a strong impact without annoying your guests!

We hope these tips help you choose the right centerpiece for your wedding.  Hop on over to Facebook to tell us what some of your favorite décor tips are, too!

Florals and Decor: Beautiful Blooms
Venue: Tendenza
Photographer: Shea Roggio