Winter Storm Jonas Has Nothing on Cescaphe Event Group!

By Joe Volpe – I’m constantly impressed by the team here at Cescaphe Event Group, but I have to say the team behind our weddings the weekend of January 22-24 really blew me away. All week we were hearing about a record breaking storm, but like many Philadelphians, we were all a bit skeptical and stayed positive that the storm wouldn’t be as bad as predicted. Of course the weather people were right and Winter Storm Jonas turned into the largest January snowfall in Philadelphia history.


The show may have not have gone on up on Broadway, but that is never the case when it comes to a Cescaphe Wedding. Our team went above and beyond to make sure all of our weekend weddings went off without a hitch. Their tireless effort, dedication and teamwork have left me in awe as I look back on all they were able to pull off despite more than 20 inches of snow.

I always tell brides considering a winter wedding not to be concerned about snow. Their guests WILL come no matter what and our staff will always provide the best service. This storm truly proved me right, as all of our couples celebrated their dream day with all of their family and friends in a beautiful winter wonderland!


I’d like to give a special shout out to:

  • Our Event Managers & Maitre D’s for their unwavering positive energy with the brides and grooms
  • Culinary Team for taking steps to prep in advance to make sure guests received the full Cescaphe menu
  • Ops Team & Stewards for making sure all sidewalks were clear and all of the trucks were on the road and on time with deliveries
  • Set-up Team for coming in extra early to get everything ready despite last minute changes
  • Our Servers and Bussers for working as a team to make sure everyone got to their venues safely
  • The Bartenders for serving drinks to keep everyone warm
  • Coat Check for their help assisting guests with all of their winter apparel
  • Beautiful Blooms for bringing the rooms to life with their beautiful floral décor
  • Cescaphe Trolley for driving through the storm to safely deliver our bridal parties and guests
  • All the Platinum Valet guys who drove in from the Northeast
  • Tour Team who showed off our venues to potential brides and grooms


Complete List of Blizzard Staff:

Abelardo Jeronimo

Alana Froio

Alex Oyola

Alexia Suarez

Andrew DiCamillo

Angelo Nash

Ann Marie Russell

Anthony Altomare

Anthony Scott

Antonio Martinez

Bob Jones

Bobby Quici

Brian Ziegler

Carlene Acello

Carlos Perez

Carlos Velazquez

Carolyn Barrett

Casey Galazka

Cecilia Bright

Charell Simmons

Chris Deffler

Dallas Haines

Daniel Kilpatrick

Danny Burke

Danny K

Darren Mileto

Dave Baker

Dave Facenda

Dave Gonzalez

David Tighe

Derron Broxton

Diana Diaz

Donna Ippolito

Elijah Burgess

Elsa Pucci

Emily Costa

Eni Cena

Estaban Barrett

Frank Conner

Gabe Hudson

Gubby Sebok

Hakeem Pearson

James Lewis

Janice Acello

Jarvis Acevado

Jessica McGarvey

Jill Hillman

Jimmy Lamb

Joann Fenton

Joe DeFabis

Jose Escobar

Jose Martinez

Juan Perez-Ojeda

Juan Rivera

Kathleen Albano

Kathy Sam

Katie Gallen

Kayla Kent

Keefe Carroll

Kelsey Hill

Kerin Brunson

Kevin Colfer

Larry Centeno

Le Land

Leasa McHale

Lieber Correa

Lisa Zgura

Lizzy Styles

Lou Carayol

Lou Imbessi

Luke Bernardo

Lydia Adams


Maria Mills

Marissa Fassnacht

Marsi Tushe

Mary Kate McDonnell

Matt Kemp

Matt Kocher

Maura Schmidt

Meg Kelly

Michael Erace

Miguel Almar

Mike Moss

Mike Parks

Mike Smith SR

Natalie Parks

Nate Graves

Omar Campos

Paige Bradley

Patricia Parsons

Pedro Montanez

Renee Ziegler

Robert Melendez

Roberto Guitierrez

Rose Olivieri

Saaiba Newton

Salma Bakri

Sarah Fenton

Shawn Stinson

Stan Perez-Ojeda

Steve Camp

Stiven Salagado

Stiven Salgado

Tabatha Bywater

Taylor Foster

Tom Dormer

Tommy Le

Tommy Marple

Tyree Wood

Victoria Ayers

Wayne Tadlock

Yousef Mussalam