Even as I am writing this email, I had two people message me that it was the best wedding they had attended.

Now that we’ve had a couple of days to relax after our wedding at Tendenza this Saturday, we wanted to let you know how incredible you have made our wedding experience. From our first few emails with Lisa, to our various tours of your spaces, we were impressed by Cescaphe, everyone was extremely helpful and kind. It was also a pleasure to meet your daughter (although we didn’t know at the time), Francesca. She was the one who showed us Tendenza, which we eventually selected. She was amazing and made us feel so welcome every time we saw her at the Cescaphe University events. Speaking of which, these were beyond any expectation we could have had when we signed with you. Forget the fact that you are putting on basically a 3 hour open bar and hors d’oeuvres once a month, but the information provided was invaluable.

As a customer, it was obvious that you personally wanted to make sure everyone was happy, not with just Cescaphe, but their wedding. You were the one asking the tough questions to some of these vendors that people are too shy to ask. Being that available to your customers, as the owner of a company is really refreshing. We had some great conversations with you ourselves (including getting our flower wall by playing “newlywed game”), but also Kelly’s parents were more than at ease with our decision to choose Cescaphe after just a few minutes talking to you during one of the events.

Working with your staff  has truly been a pleasure, as we transitioned from Lisa to Danielle to Katie, there was never any perception of unfamiliarity, each new person was ready and up to speed with all of our needs and concerns. It is really a seamless operation. The Cescaphe family that you have created is really the ideal partner for any newly engaged couples. You made it so easy and honestly that’s why we used all of your vendors or preferred vendors. From the Cescaphe Trolley to Capelli & Truco to Beautiful Blooms, even our DJ/String came recommended by Danielle.

Coming out of this weekend, I have never heard so many compliments about a wedding. We certainly knew what was in store, but our guests were blown away. Even as I am writing this email, I had two people message me that it was the best wedding they had attended. Our parents were beyond pleased with the dedicated staff, all of which were spectacular. Our attendant, Andrew has to be one of the most professional and personable people I have ever met. He made sure we knew everything that was happening before it happened and we were never wanting for anything. He was ever vigilant and flat out impressive.

I’ll close just by saying, we already convinced one friend to sign with Cescaphe (Amit/Kate Sept 2019), but any engaged couple we meet from this day forward will get an earful about how they would be crazy to not trust their wedding with Cescaphe.