Congratulations. You’re little one isn’t so little anymore and whether you’re about to be the mother-of-the-bride, or the mother-of-the groom, it’s a big day for you, too. Yet it’s probably a little different from the time when you were married.

Think back. What was your mother’s role? How did she handle it? Chances are, your mother did most of the planning. Today, it’s almost the reverse. Your daughter or son will most likely take the lead, while you become his or her number one advocate.

From choosing your dress to developing a guest list, it will be quite a busy time for you. As a team we make it our responsibility to pay attention to every detail, have a thoughtful answer to every question and, perhaps, most of all, be a calming influence. Especially for mothers.

At Cescaphe, we consider it a privilege to bring your son or daughter’s vision to life, but we will hear your opinion and respect your judgement. We’ll be there for you when you need a hand preparing, or would just like a shoulder to lean on.

Years from now, when you reflect upon the wedding, we hope that it will be remembered as one of the best times of your life.


From the moment your child was born, you’ve envisioned this day. And nothing gives us more joy than helping every Mother’s dream of the perfect wedding come true.

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Like the families that celebrate them, every wedding has a style and personality all its own. Our planning professionals are here to help you create an event unlike any other.

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The best part of a Cescaphe wedding day? Knowing that it’s in the best of hands—ours. Leaving you free to savor every moment and cherish every memory.

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Cescaphe Ballroom

The first stunning venue opened by Cescaphe, the Ballroom glows with classic luxury in the heart of Northern Liberties, one of Philadelphia’s most eclectic and electric communities.

Capacity: 150 – 300 guests


Our largest venue, Vie is located in the heart of Philadelphia’s Center City, just above City Hall. And embraces you and your guests with elegance inspired by French Provençal design.

Capacity: 175 – 600 guests

Down Town Club

Just across the street from Independence Hall the Down Town Club was founded a century ago as a private enclave for the highest of Philadelphia Society. Today, it freely opens its doors to the most stylish of weddings. Like yours.

Capacity: 125 – 220 guests

Water Works

Its combination of gracious Neoclassical architecture on the outside and then-revolutionary technology within once drew visitors from around the world—including Char...

Capacity: 100-400 guests

The Lucy

Located on Philadelphia’s famous Avenue of the Arts in the heart of Center City, The Lucy encompasses the Cescaphe brand’s reputation for sophisticated, luxe venues. The elegant venue combines a modern interpretation of 19th century detailing with modern textures and materiality. E...

Capacity: 150 – 300 guests

Franklin’s View

Steps away from the Liberty Bell, Franklin Square is one of Philadelphia’s original five squares, in which the creation was planned by William Penn in the late 17th century and was named in honor of founding father, Benjamin Franklin. As Cescaphe’s second exclusive outdoor receptio...

Capacity: 150-300 guests


Your Wedding Team

It’s the show of a lifetime, and you’re the stars. Your Cescaphe team is excited to help you shine brighter and dazzle more than you could ever have hoped or imagined.

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At Cescaphe we take pride in our reputation for hosting extravagant affairs at a reasonable cost. We are the innovators of the all-inclusive pricing structure; offering the finest quality in food, drink, service, and amenities to all of our brides and grooms.

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