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From the imported Italian mosaic to the custom-built light fixtures and stage, every artful touch and carefully-chosen furnishing is designed to both impress and welcome your guests. With its unique blend of expansive space and intimate settings, Vie helps create grand affairs while still keeping the spotlight on what matters most: Your love for each other.


In its modern ballroom and charming outdoor courtyard, Vie offers settings that are both beautiful and intimate. In the Ballroom, elegant draping provides a classic feel, while amber lighting from the chandeliers adds a touch of drama to the Bride’s walk up the aisle. In the courtyard, guests enjoy perfect views of the ceremony on a built-in stage, framed by décor of plush greenery and hanging chandeliers, and accented by the contemporary texture of steel columns and exposed brick.

When you choose to host your ceremony at Vie we will add an additional half hour to your six-hour affair.


Vie weddings feature Cescaphe’s signature cocktail hour-and-a-half and offer three separate cocktail spaces: Foyer, Mosaic Room, and Lounge. The Foyer serves as the entryway to Vie, as well as your first cocktail space, complete with two full service bars and chef-attended interactive stations. A few steps away, the Mosaic Room features a striking Italian wall mosaic. The Lounge is beautifully furnished and boasts a forty-foot long food library, featuring a customizable ice sculpture and famous raw bar.


Vie receptions are hosted in the Grand Ballroom. The modern French design includes a lattice ceiling, a built-in stage, and state-of-the-art AV equipment to further enhance your special day.

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